Attn: Referees, Coaches, Managers, Players in Otago

RE: 2018 Mouthguard DSLV Regulations and Sanctions

The wearing of a mouth guard in an approved manner is compulsory for all players at all levels of New Zealand Domestic Rugby. 2018 will see a stronger stance on the non wearing of mouthguards in New Zealand domestic competitions, this is being supported by the NZ Players Association.

Click HERE to read a letter from the NZ Players Association to all players in NZ, please share this with all the players in your club or school as well as team coaches and managers.

  • At the pre-match talk, the captain, and team coaches and managers are reminded that all players must have a mouth guard and must be wearing it IN THEIR MOUTH, while the ball is live. Prior to the scheduled kick off of a fixture, both teams are to line up on each side of the half way line and show their mouth guards to the referee for inspection. Anyone found to not be in possession of a mouth guard at that time is NOT permitted to enter onto the field of play. If the game kicks off before they have retrieved their mouth guard, they may not re-join the match until the next stoppage in play.
  • IMPORTANT ———> On the first occasion that a referee observes a player from any team not wearing a mouth guard, the player shall be issued with a YELLOW CARD and ordered from the field. (10 mins- 15-a-side, 2 mins 7-a side). At that time, the referee should warn the captain of that team, that the next player from his team observed not wearing a mouth guard will receive a RED CARD and an automatic 1 match suspension.
  • The team of the offending player shall not be permitted a replacement during the period the offending player is off the field. The player may return to the field of play once his period of temporary suspension has concluded and at the next stoppage in play, once they have a mouth guard. If the offending player is unable to return wearing a mouth guard in the approved manner, then that player may be replaced after a period of temporary suspension has elapsed. This will be deemed to be a permanent replacement and the offending player will not be permitted to return to the field of play under any circumstances, except in accordance with Law 3.13, but then only if that player is wearing a mouth guard in the approved manner.
  • On the next and or any subsequent occasion that a referee observes a different player from the same team not wearing a mouth guard, that player is to be penalised and ordered off (issued a RED CARD). That player will also be automatically suspended from playing for one (1) match.
  • NOTE: If a player produces a medical certificate stating they should not wear a mouthguard that player will be exempt from the requirement.