Scholarship recipients (left to right) Miguel Burger, Phillip Carroll and Fraser Hannon, alongside ORRA Chairman Chris Hart.

The ORRA would like to congratulate Fraser Hannon, Migael Burger and Phillip Carroll on receiving the ORRA Scholarships for 2016.

The scholarship was established in 2015 for tertiary students to aid members in their studies and career pursuits either with a tertiary institution or as part of a trade apprenticeship, alongside being active and diligent contributors to all aspects of the association. We wish them all the best with their future endeavors and hope that the scholarship goes someway to helping their development as young men and indeed referees.

Fraser Hannon is in his 2nd year at Otago University, studying Accounting. Hannon was commended by the Vice Chancellor in 2015 for his academic results and continues to be a top performer in his field of study. He is working towards a Bachelor of Commerce followed by Chartered Accountancy.

Phillip “Chucky” Carroll is currently studying Music at the University of Otago and hopes to match his passion for music with a career in the industry. Chucky, as we affectionately know him, has been instrumental in 2016 in bringing forward the technological abilities of the association, including using his skills to live-stream ORRA meetings.

Lastly, Migael is working towards his private pilots license through the Otago Aero Club and Mainland Air Commercial Training. Burger recently joined the Referees Association along with his father Pieter and says “the scholarship is helping towards lowering the costs of being a pilot and make it easier for me to achieve my dream of flying“.

Previous scholarship recipients include Brandon Hale, Stuart Curran and Eden Brown.

We would like to thank our sponsors Delta, New World, Q Power, Farmlands and Hynds for their support in making this excellent initiative possible.