2019 Premier Finals Referees

H.McKnight(left),T.Court-Patience(Middle) & D.Brady(Right) Referees of the Central Semi Final between Cromwell & Wakatipu

Congratulations to all Referees that took part in the 2019 Finals. Theses referees below were appointed to the Premier finals, congratulations on your achievements;

Mens Metro Final: Stuart Curran  ARs: J. Bredin & F. Hannon

Women’s Final: Erin Doherty  ARs: E. Brown & C. Neilson

Central Final: Jono Homer  ARs: J. Grubb & L McLeod

Southern Final(top 4): Nigel McLachlan ARs: R. Van Vugt & D. O’Neil

Southern Final(Bottom 4): Ray Wilson ARs: J. Head & P. Standish

Country Wide Final: James Doleman ARs: S. Geddes & B. Fevre

We congratulate all the referees on their achievements throughout 2019.

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