Jono Bredin was a star addition to the association in 2016, bringing with him a host of experience and accolades as a top-ranked international netball umpire. In terms of pressure situations, Bredin has “been there, done that”, with two Commonwealth Games, two World Cups and four ANZ Championship Grand Finals under his belt. Bringing this impressive resume to rugby refereeing, Bredin has enjoyed a meteoric rise through the ranks to become a member of the premier panel and also a New Zealand High Performance Squad Member.

As well as being a Premier Club Rugby Referee, Jono has multiple other community links, as Board Chair of Dunedin Netball Centre and a member of Sport Otago’s Board of  Trustees.

Side note: If you bump in to Jono around the place, be sure to ask how he gained his nickname “the tross”, he may even treat you to a story of why he (quote) “… stays the hell out of channel one!…”

We sat down with  Jono to get his take on his code switch, and how he is enjoying his time as a part of the rugby community…

Why  do you referee?

Having reached the pinnacle in International Netball as an umpire, I have always had a keen interest in how other code’s officials operate to try and keep pushing my own limits. I have always enjoyed watching Rugby and have a number of good friends who are involved so the opportunity to pursue a new challenge and operate outside my comfort zone really excites me.

Favourite refereeing moment?

Having only refereed for one year, my best moments would be running touch as an AR for Mitre 10 Cup last year, controlling the Prem 2 final and being named in the NZ Rugby Wider Training Squad for 2017

Most admired referee?

Ben O’Keeffe is the one referee I look up to. He was awesome helping me get up to speed when I made the decision to pick up the whistle. The way he positions, communicates with players and manages a game is world class. Then of course there is Craig Joubert – even if it is just for the look-a-like aspect!

Favourite Food?

I am definitely a traditional meat and 3 vege man – but I have a sweet tooth as well and would eat most things someone puts in front of me!

Favourite Sportsperson?

I enjoy watching people overcome the odds and triumph in the face of adversity – not necessarily the ones who are paid mega-bucks. On the other hand – I think Rafa is an absolute freak!

If you’ve got an itch to learn more about this oracle of sorts, a google search ought to quench your thirst for Albatross-based banter 😉