Jordan Chalmers (19) is a born and bred Dunedin lad, fast climbing the referee ranks in Otago. Educated at King’s High School, Chalmers picked up the whistle aged 17 and has consistently proven himself within the rugby community in his first two seasons. An ORRA Scholarship recipient in 2017, Chalmers continues to thrive in the opportunities the unique Otago association provides and will no doubt be up for a big season of ‘mahi’ in 2018.

We asked Jordy a few questions about his journey so far…

Why do you referee?

I grew up playing the game and did so right through till I was a senior at school. I stopped playing footy after a couple of concussions and I wanted a way to stay fit and stay involved in the game. Also, I’ve made some great mates refereeing and I really enjoy the social side of things too.

Favourite referee moment?

My favourite moment refereeing would have to be taking part in the National under 15 school boys competition held here in Dunedin when I was a second year referee. It was a massive challenge but something I was stoked to be a part of.

Favourite referee?

Angus Gardiner is one of refs I enjoy watching. His ability to stay calm and collected in stressful situations is something I try and copy in my own game… plus he’s got great chat and is an all round top bloke.

Death row meal… what do you choose?

Nothing tops Mum’s lamb roast.

Who is a sportsperson that inspires you?

My favourite sportsman would have to be Brodie Retallick… he’s the unsung hero of the Chiefs and All Blacks. Every team needs an absolute work horse.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

If I were an animal, I’d be a cheetah. I’m the epitome of genuine pace.