Referee Profile | Tumua Ioane

Ex Dunedin Sharks centre Tumua Ioane is making a splash in the refereeing ranks in Otago. Ioane, ever the character, is a regular fixture in the premier panel and has fast become a key member of our association. We sat down with Tumua to get his thoughts on the transition from playing to refereeing, and whatever else came to mind. Enjoy…


Why do you referee?

A big driving force to referee is to push myself to the highest level of where this game can take me professionally, but I have to focus on the processes inside of that goal first and just work hard. After hanging up my playing boots, I saw refereeing as not only a way to stay involved in the game but also as an avenue to still be challenged by the game and to continue learning. I’ve had one full year on board and have learnt a lot and that will continue to happen even with the set laws, as rugby is an ever evolving game with teams trying new tactics or with law amendments to produce a better game.

What is your favourite refereeing moment?

My favourite refereeing moment so far is probably the game I did with Taieri Prem 2s and Dunedin Prem 2 (my club). I was asked/told/yelled at by many a Taieri supporter/medic/player to throw my Dunedin jersey back on after the result didn’t end up going their way. Banter is always good.

Most admired referee?

Its a tie between Jono Bredin and Eden Brown. I think if we cross bred them you’d have the perfect referee, Jono’s voice of an angel… Eden’s signal game is on point… It’d be like a lanky 5 year old players couldn’t argue with <3

Favourite food?

Can’t go past the KFC Coupon number PLU12W which will get you 5 pieces of the Colonels succulent secret recipe and a bag of well seasoned fries for $9.90 a.k.a “Gimme Five”. Honourable mention to my dads curry.

Favourite sportsperson?

Klayton Kershaw, got paid $35 million last year TO THROW A BALL in 16 of his teams 162 games.