13/03/2017 How to rule collisions in the air

13/03/2017 Clarification on Approved Law Trials for NZR 2017

Global Law Trials for 2017

This document outlines in more simple terms how the law trials should be applied in 2017, as discussed at the ORRA meeting.

06/03/2017 High Tackle Application Guidelines

NZR High Tackle Application – Guidelines

The New Zealand Rugby High Tackle Application Guidelines for your own reference

15 June 2016 – Positioning Discussion

Following on from Adam’s talk at Monday night’s meeting, here is a power point presentation from NZ Rugby that outlines the good and the bad when it comes to positioning.

CLICK HERE for NZ Rugby Positioning ppt

Contest in the air Framework

The framework for a “contest in the air decision”, as presented by Adam Morrison on 23rd May 2016