Oliver Hadfield, once the golden boy of Auckland Referees is now embarking on his third year as a scarfy and Golden O referee. Since arriving in Dunedin to study Law, he has been an integral part of the ORRA student cohort, last year refereeing the Premier Colts Final. We caught up with Oliver to hear some more about his refereeing journey…

Why do you referee?

I started refereeing after I stopped playing due to injury (that old chesnut 😉 ) I picked up the whistle for a couple of games and started to enjoy it. I continue it now for the personal challenge it gives me on the field, such as dealing with tough situations between players. In the crux of matches, in the heat of the moment, it gives the motivation to run back out on a Saturday.

Favourite Refereeing Moment?

My favourite moment would be officiating the U20 final at Eden Park No. 2 in 2013. It was an awesome occasion and the atmosphere and intensity in that game was something which is difficult to replicate.

Who is your most admired referee?

My most admired referee would have to be Nigel Owens. The way he commands respect from players and members of the general rugby fraternity while maintaining good temperament, relationships with those people, including other traits, is why he remains one of the current top international referees.

Favourite Food?

Favourite food would be berry cheesecake or salmon. Authors edit – “Why not both”? (mexican music)

Who is a sportsperson you admire?

Don’t really have a favourite sportsperson as such, but I do admire AB De Villiers.

Cheers Ol 🙂